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As the industry leader in backyard game courts, Court Development, Inc. has been the sole distributor of Sport Court® brand products in the state of Washington since 1976. With over 6,000 installations in Washington, Northern Idaho, and Alaska, we have the experience and track record to build you the right court to give your family years of fun.

Through the years we have expanded our business to include home and commercial gyms as well as putting greens. We are the experts in backyard recreation and athletic flooring. Since 1976 our goal at Court Development, Inc. is to provide a safe place for your family to grow, play, and bond through the years.

Below are some of the newest products that are available through us.

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PowerGame® is the first new suspended surface available on the market in the last 10 years with 3 years of R&D to make it flawless. It has equal wet/dry traction and is completely nonabrasive for safer falls. It's truly the next generation of outdoor court surfacing.

You can now have your own batting cage installed directly on top of your court which is easy to assemble and disassemble. Now batting practice can be held at your house anytime of the year.

In an attempt to decrease power usage we are now offering a metal halide light system. The metal halide light concentrates light directly onto your court not to the surrounding areas like the traditional flood light. Power sources: 120v or 240v.

There are many new balls, paddles, and games to add to your family's fun. Come by and check them out at our showroom.