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Our team works side by side with you to build your court and there isn't a detail we don't handle. We look at the entire installation, considering everything from trees and bushes to neighbors and privacy. Your court is fully customized to meet your needs from court size to the games you want to play. We have seen it all; let us make your vision come true.

The installation process can take as little as two weeks.
  1. Site Prep - preparing your backyard to have a level space for a Game Court
  2. Concrete Pour - the base for your game court (asphalt is also an option)
  3. Equipment and Surfacing Installation - can include hoops, lights, Rebounders, nets, suspended or coated surfacing
  4. Game Time!

We have the latest and the most high-tech surface products in this industry. Check out our Flooring products.

Favorite games can be configured on your game court. Choose your families favorites.
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Investing in a suspended surface means increased safety, value and fun for your family. Now you can play any day and any time regardless of the Northwest weather

View additional equipment and accessories to personalize your Sport Court. Also glance through our portfolio of game courts. Get ready to be impressed.


FLOORING: Latest flooring materials available
PowerGame™ represents the "state of the art" product in modular surfaces. It's the newest and most unique product available on the market with a completely non-abrasive top surface that won't abrade or scratch your skin. It achieved nearly identical ratings when wet and dry, making it the perfect outdoor court surface for the Northwest. A dual layer system allows water to easily flow through the larger openings in the tiles yet the smaller subsurface acts as a debris-stopping layer. As for ball bounce the international tennis federation rates PowerGame™ as a "fast" surface, nearly identical to concrete. Stop by our office to see a sample of this awesome new product.

Sport Deck IV™ (SDIV) used on thousands of our courts throughout Washington. SDIV is an outdoor, all-weather sport design for Tennis, Roller Hockey, Basketball, and multi-purpose use with Patented Lateral Forgiveness™ reducing stress and impact on the body.

GAMES: Game configurations for your Game Court

There are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can play on your Sport Court® game court. But a few of our favorites are:

  • Pickleball® - the game that started right here in the Northwest.
  • Short Court Tennis - to be played like Tennis but with specifically designed low-pressure balls that absorb energy on our surface so you can play on a shorter court.
  • Paddle Tennis - Same as short court tennis with an underhand serve.
  • Wacketball - a great alternative to tennis, played with an official foam Wacketball. A great cardiovascular workout.
  • Volleyball, Badminton and Basketball are all great games to play on your own backyard game court.

BENEFITS: Reasons why you should invest in a suspended surface
  1. The Pros Use It - Found in many homes and training facilities throughout the U.S.
  2. Safety - Designed with vertical give to provide cushioning unlike concrete or asphalt to a developing children and athletes.
  3. Patented "Lateral Forgiveness™" - Permits quick movements while reducing lateral stress on legs, ankles, and knee joints.
  4. All Weather - The game can always go on rain or shine. The surface will not flake, blister, or crack due to excessive water saturation.
  5. Colorful Appeal - Beautiful customized colors are all weather and UV stable so your court will look new for years to come.
  6. Orthopedic Bio-Mechanics Tested - Provides skeletal trauma protection for players young and old. Reduced fatigue and enhanced performance will bring your game to a new level.
  7. Low Maintenance - No resurfacing, repainting, or need to squeegee water off. Just use a leaf blower to remove debris.
  8. You'll Get What You Expect And More - With over 30 years of experience and thousands of installations worldwide; Sport Court® has been the industry leader in quality and customer service.
  9. Leader In Sports Flooring - In addition to providing backyard courts for thousands of families worldwide, Sport Court® flooring is used by the NCAA, FIBA, USVBA, and RHI and many other professional organizations.
  10. Ten Year Limited Warranty - No one on the market offers a longer warranty on their product. We stand behind every Sport Court® game court we sell!