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There are endless possibilities when it comes to what games you can play on your Sport Court® game court. But a few of our favorites are:
  • Pickleball- the game that started right here in the Northwest.
  • Short Court Tennis- to be played like Tennis but with specifically designed low-pressure balls that absorb energy on our surface so you can play on a shorter court.
  • Wacketball- a great alternative to tennis, played with an official foam Wacketball. A great cardiovascular workout.
  • Paddle Tennis- Same as tennis with an underhand serve.
  • Volleyball, Badminton, and Basketball are all great games to play on your own backyard game court.

We have the latest hoop system products for your Game Court. Check out the variety of options that you can choose from: poles size, backboard size, overhang and padding.

We are now offering a metal halide light system. The metal halide light concentrates light directly onto your court, not to surrounding areas like the traditional flood light.

Our Rebounder and netting system can help prevent chasing after the ball or could help prevent damages to objects as a result from an errant play. Read more information below.

There many options to configure your Game Court with more additional accessories than before. Find out more below.
HOOP SYSTEMS: Sport Court® SlamSystem Hoops
Our SlamSystem hoops are available with a variety of options including pole size, backboard size, and overhang to fit your family's needs. Pole pads, backboard pads and base pads are available for all of our hoops to make aggressive hoop action safer. Whether you want a driveway hoop or one to take you all the way to the NBA you'll find the one you are looking for.

Collegiate SlamSystem (adjustable 6' to 10') 5" pole, 3' overhang, 60" backboard, flex rim, and all pads included.
Pro SlamSystem (adjustable 6' to 10') 6" pole, 3' or 4' overhang, and 60" or 72" backboard (both available in any combination) and a flex rim.
Solid SlamSystem (fixed) 6" pole, 3' or 4' overhang, and 60" or 72" backboard (both available in any combination) and a flex rim.
LIGHTING: Metal Halide Lighting System
With Sport Court lighting, your playtime isn't subject to the rising and setting of the sun.
- 1,2, or 3 fixture Flood Lights are available requiring 220 volts.

With the economy and environment changing we are now offering a metal halide light system that is more energy efficient. This light concentrates the light onto your court not surrounding areas.
- 400 watt or 1,000 watt Metal Halide lights, which can be run on 110 or 220 volts.

REBOUNDER & NETS: Play Alone or with a Partner
Are available in two sizes, 10' x 10' or 10' x 20', to make practice without a partner a breeze. With the unique design of the Sport Court® Rebounder - soccer kicks, baseball skills, tennis swings or volleyball serves can be practiced for hours without a partner.

Net Adjustment Systems:
Are complete with net, winch, and all the hardware to make net height adjustments a snap.

MORE OPTIONS: Additional Accessories and Customizations
Customize your court to fit your family's interests with shuffleboard, giant chess or checkers, skateboard ramps, rolbak nets, and tetherball. The possibilities are endless. Our batting cages are designed to fit on top of your court. So you can get the most out of your Sport Court® game court. There are many new balls, paddles, and games to add to your family's fun.